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[cust] FAQ 192, music.

Music FAQ

Following on from angrychicken's post the other day we've gone away and discussed this further.

FAQ previously said "pay pay pay", it now says "this is how you do it with a paid account" and no longer says it requires it.
Free users in S1 can add music, but because it's hacky we don't support it, just how we don't support other hacks.
However, we need to get away from the "pay pay pay" because lying is icky and wrong. Yet we're really opposed to supporting this but we had to reach a compromise.

So we're thinking of adding the following after the first paragraph:

This is the only supported method of adding music to your journal. It may be possible to produce this effect in other ways, but these other ways often lead to problems, as they use non-standard and unsupported HTML. If you have attempted to add music to your journal through another method, your journal may display incorrectly to you or other viewers of your journal.

Note: The "we" I've mentioned in this post is myself, the Style Systems Supporthelps and a selection of Support admins.

And I promise I'll shut up about this issue sooner or later, but it's a real headache over in styles land :)

Thoughts? Opinions?

Edit:17/11/04 FAQ been changed, yo. (or well it will be in 30 seconds)

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