jag önskar du älskat jag. (secksiewolfie) wrote in lj_userdoc,
jag önskar du älskat jag.

feedster search

Not sure if this is where this should go but eh.. new to this userdoc thing ;)

As many of you probably know (or may not), the Feedster search (the little looking glass button on a journal's userinfo) only works (for public entries, never for protected), if the journal has been 'submitted' to Feedster.

While I'm unfamiliar with Feedster in any detail, I will say that it seems that you have to do this manually at least most of the time, as it doesn't seem to be very good at discovering them. Once you've 'submitted it', it seems to work fairly well, but I think it frustrates people otherwise (I know it did for me). So anyway, does this belong in FAQ or what?

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