a cat named Tempest (isabeau) wrote in lj_userdoc,
a cat named Tempest

FAQ 202 suggestion

I'm having issues with FAQ 202 ("How do I find people on LiveJournal", under Site Navigation Features). In particular, although the free user search methods and the paid user search methods are separated by the "If you have a paid account" clause, it's not very readable -- I didn't even see it at first, and I was looking for it. The disclaimer clause statement thingie is about the same length as some of the ways to find people (it doesn't have the * at the beginning, but that's the only visible difference, and if you're skimming, you may not notice that), and it's very easy to pass over.

I would like to suggest that either (a) the search types be consolidated into a single list rather than two, with a "Some of these search types are only available to users with paid or permanent accounts, and are indicated as such" thing added to the second paragraph, right after it says there are other search methods, and with "This is a paid account benefit" added to the beginning or end of the paid-only search features; or (b) the last sentence of the second paragraph change to "These are listed below" or something; the last paragrah move up to under the second paragraph; and then have section headers for, like, SEARCHING METHODS and PAID ACCOUNTS (only with better header names :P) to better distinguish paid from free.

Comments? Am I just smoking crack? (Can I have some more?)

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