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T'ain't a smackdown, 'tis a bitchslap (um, FAQ updates)

I like cheese. And tomato sauce. And ham slices. Mmm, pizza...

[lj_userdoc] [lj_userdoc] [faq 210]
FAQ split into sections according to problem categories, and reference to Akamai removed. Credit to bridgetester and secksiewolfie.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 116]
FAQ split into sections, new section added on S2 compiler deaths, further reading section added. Credit to bridgetester with help from kamara, kunzite1 and phoenixdreaming.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 16]
Paragraph added on how purging cycles don't occur regularly or on request. Credit to leora via panda_cookie.

[lj_userdoc] [lj_support] [faq 202]
Added a sadly lacking paragraph or two on how to find a person if you do know that person's LiveJournal username, and sectionised to properly distinguish between free and paid account search methods. Credit to penknife and isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 25]
Reorganisational rewrite, courtesy of isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 72]
Total rewrite including "what do HTML tags look like", courtesy of isabeau.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 131]
Paragraph on personalised subdomain updated to reflect similar paragraph in 104. Credit to bridgetester.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 192]
Bit of a paragraph shuffle with a NOP disclaimer added on. Credit to angrychicken.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 23]
Short paragraph added to "controlling who comments" FAQ on disabling comments. Credit to isabeau, via tammy.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 157]
Title change from "What is the 'Moderator' option?" etc. to "What are moderated communities? How do they work?", courtesy of burr86. New paragraphs on the "Client error: Don't have access" error, courtesy of teshiron. Bit of paragraph shuffling and sectioning besides.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 35]
First reworking of this quite important FAQ in over a year, breaking it up a little, modified to mention private entries, and bringing home the point a little more. Credit to conuly for the basic idea.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 148]
Limitations FAQ updated to reflect limits on the number of entries shown in Day Views (200) and Month Views (2,000). Credit to kidd79.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 215]
New FAQ in Journal Entries: How do I search my journal? How can I find a particular entry or comment? Props to isabeau for writing this.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 216]
New FAQ in Clients: Why is my client flashing? A rather bizarre title for explaining what checkfriends is. Blah blah isabeau wrote blah.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 97]
kamara added "in S1?" to the title "How do I add a background image". Not much to see here.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 176]
Updated to include two layerinfo declarations. Credit to halfawake and jennieknits.
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