Jennie (jennieknits) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Suggestion for FAQ 176

Since we have a link to howto in FAQ 138, I was thinking that a link to s2howto might be a good think to have in FAQ 176. I know we're still working on adding tutorials to it, but it would make things much easier if we didn't have to link to the journal in those types of requests.

Maybe y'all don't think it's necessary or whatnot, but if we did, I think it could be added to the paragraph on theme layers, since that's where the overriding is going to be done anyway. Sort of an "Oh by the way, you can find some tutorials here."

[Edit: Never mind. I'm a dork, and didn't think to look for it in 172...]
Tags: cat-customize, faq176, status-rejected

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