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Suggested Changes to FAQ #71 How do I choose a secure password? How do I keep my account secure?

Change first sentence to: LiveJournal does not allow you to use a password for your account that is based on a dictionary word or proper name.

Insert: LiveJournal passwords are limited to 30 characters. It is recommended you choose a password of at least eight characters.

Change bullet points (asterisked) to:
* Use a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
* Use a password that is based upon multiple words or phrases. It does not have to be just one word.
* Do not use a password that is based on available or easily-discovered information about you, such as your name, birthdate, pet's name, a student ID, telephone number, or a license plate number.
* Avoid using valid calendar dates and personally significant dates or numbers. Serial numbers from some paper currency are an effective alternative.
* Avoid selecting passwords based on common variations of your username or e-mail address.
* Avoid using the same password that you use on any of your other Internet accounts.
* If you think that you will have trouble remembering your password, try to think of a memorable sentence, perhaps a catchphrase that only your family uses and base the password off the first letter of each word in the sentence.

Insert: If you are particularly concerned about security you can also change your password at frequent intervals. See for instructions on how to change your password. Changing passwords ensures that a valid password in the wrong hands will expire and become unusable quickly.
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