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Frabjous day

For the first time in—what, ten months?—it's possible to move Guides onto the site. The first XML-based Guide to be released officially is the Guide to Mood Icons, now available at That query will take you to the actual location of the Guide.

Please link to any new Guide using a /doc/find query, not the document's actual location.

A link to the Mood Icons Guide has been added to the top of FAQ #64. The rest of that FAQ will be deleted in a day or two, if there are no objections.

A link to the new Guide also replaces the link to the FAQ on the main Support page. Changes to the Support page haven't been sticking properly, so for a while it might revert to linking to the FAQ; Brad is working on that problem.

I'll add navigation links to Guides once there are more of them to navigate between. I'll also work on improving accessibility/customizability by making better use of CSS, but that isn't going to be easy. If you see anything else that needs to be fixed, please report it here as soon as possible.

I intend to announce the new Guide in lj_support after (i) members of this community have had a chance to comment, and (ii) Evan has confirmed that the new e-mail alias,, is working satisfactorily. However, I believe it's now safe to use the alias.

Five more Guides should be moved onto as a group, within a few days.

More about the introduction of Guides later ...

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