Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds (rahaeli) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds

FAQ updates, Dec 12-27

The following FAQs have just been updated:

[link] Tweaked, streamlined, and Further Reading-ed FAQ 71. FAQ117 title changed to "What should I do if someone breaks into my LiveJournal account?"

[link] Tweaked, streamlined, and Further Reading-ed FAQ 47. Tweaked, streamlined, and Further Reading-ed FAQ 138, plus added in a reference to customization communities.

[link] Tweaked, streamlined, and Further Reading-ed FAQ 128. Added in a link to the customview.cgi tutorial.

[link] Added *_WEBSITE gotcha to FAQ140.

[link] 72 updated to be a little more specific about marquees, and clean up the wording some.

[link] Streamlined, tweaked, and Further Reading-ed 120. Added in a warning about minsecurity + open comms.

[link] Nearly completely rewrite FAQ 96, the comment-changing overrides, to: a). Further Reading it; b). streamline it, c). make things a hell of a lot more clear, d). totally remove some awful runons which have, i'm sure, been in there since the dawn of time, and e). split out Disjointed with its own override set and label the overrides way more clearly. I want love from the Blinkie Pony Army, plz.

[link] Title change to FAQ 187 to remove the "to my LiveJournal". Minor rewriting to point to the advanced documentation for community posting and other options. Included a note that if logged in, the advanced docs will be customized for your account.

[link] Expanded FAQ 100 to specify that only older communities have passwords, so the transfer method won't work for everyone.

As always, if I missed anything older than 48 hours, please comment here and let me know (with the exception of the S2 suggestion I'm leaving for Kama and Erin since it got no comments). If you have any further improvement suggestions, please make a top-level post, so it can be discussed. If you have leftover candy canes, please ship them to me immediately. Thank you all for flying Air LJ Userdoc. It has been a pleasure serving you, and please consider us for all your documentation needs in future.

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