Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

Adding syn_quest to "How do I find a syndicated account"?

syn_quest is an official (based on link) community used to find feeds on the site. Propose it's added to How do I find a syndicated account? #163; I thought it was there but it isn't and I think it makes sense to add it.

As for wording used we can perhaps steal from the How do I find a community? #85, which includes community_quest:
"* An official LiveJournal community, community_quest (, was created as a place where other LiveJournal users can help you find a community that relates to your interests." - inserting the words 'syn' and 'feed' instead of community.

N.B. The descriptions used in FAQ #85 are different to the descriptions used in #125 - the Official Journals FAQ. The wording there is:

* syn_quest: Closely related to syn_promo; used to request the names of syndicated feeds that already exist if they cannot be found in syn_promo. --
* community_quest: Closely related to community_promo; used to request the names of communities that already exist if they cannot be found in community_promo. --

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