Janine (janinedog) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ Updates (Dec 27-Jan 20)

Here's the FAQ updates for the past month (luckily, it wasn't too much to do, considering it was a span of a month). It covers everything since the last smackdown, except the entry right before this one since it hasn't yet been 48 hours since that one was posted.

As always, feel free to comment here if there's a minor change that needs to be done to one of these FAQs, or post a whole new entry if you have a big suggestion.

[link] FAQ 99 updated to tell users not to send their passwords with userpic requests.

[link] FAQ 130 fixed to link to FAQ 214 instead of FAQ 170.

[link] FAQ 156 updated to say that comment timestamps are dependent on the comment page type (site scheme or custom), not S1/S2. Also, FAQ 99 was edited to fix a minor wording issue.

[link] FAQ 74, the old paid servers FAQ, was totally rewritten to talk about the express lane. In addition, a link to this FAQ was put into FAQ 131.

[link] FAQ 211 was updated to state that mistyping your password will also cause errors when logging in, and it suggests to check CapsLock and NumLock to make sure they're toggled properly.

[link] FAQ 197 had some minor wording changes made to it.

[link] FAQ 106 had "being under 13" removed from the list of suspendable offenses.

[link] FAQ 213 updated to fix typos in the further reading section, and to clarify how to get to the tabs in the customization wizard.

[link] FAQ 84 had a minor wording change which involved removing a few words left over from when you could log in as a community.

[link] FAQ 163 updated to add a link to syn_quest.

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