Tribeless Nomad (tribelessnomad) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Tribeless Nomad

Agenda for the introduction of Guides

The next 5 Guides to be copied onto the site will be these:I expect all of those to be up within a day or two. As the introduction of Guides continues after that, the focus will shift to various aspects of the new documentation system, in approximately the following order:
  1. completion of the re-design of the main Support page
  2. creation of the Volunteer Center.
  3. addition of navigational links between Guides and Contents pages.
  4. division of the Support Guide.
  5. Contents pages for the chapters in Part I of the manual: "How to Use This Site". (This is the "main" part of the manual, insofar as it will contain everything the majority of users need to know.) Yes, this means that Contents pages will go up long before most of the manual is actually in place. Links will simply point to FAQs or other pages in cases where Guides are not yet ready.
  6. documentation describing the documentation system itself.
  7. posts to this journal showing how Guides are formatted. From this point onward, I'll be looking to other members of this community to get more involved in the creation of Guides for inclusion in Part I of the manual.
  8. documentation for client programmers. This means I'll be starting to focus my own efforts more on technical documentation (lj_sysdoc) again.

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