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Paid Community Benefits FAQ Suggestion

I've seen a few people asking lately about paid time for communities - asking if there are any benefits, what they get etc. Plus, a few people who're unsure how to make a community a paid account (i.e. they need the 'How do I buy a Paid Account for somebody else?' FAQ).

With a few exceptions virtually all paid community benefits are already in the OMG what is even the point of a paid account!!1 FAQ anyway but it seems some people have trouble extrapolating and applying them to a community? Differences like the admin console method of mood theme editing being inapplicable (?) seem to crop up sometimes too.

I wondered if maybe it might be worth having a "What are the benefits of having a Paid Community?" FAQ in the Comm Mgmt section or elsewhere? Roughrough draft under cut (not just changing word 'journal' to 'community' ;p). Figured it couldn't hurt to suggest. :)

Paid users keep LiveJournal in business. To show appreciation for users who have made contributions, there are a number of features that are only available to Paid Accounts.  There are many advantages gained by applying paid time to a community. All aspects of a community including paid-only features are controlled while logged in as a maintainer of the community by using the "Work as user" menus on the appropriate pages.

* How do I buy a Paid Account for another user or a community? (

* Ability to create and use S1 custom styles and have exact control over your community's layout (

* Access to additional styles in the S2 style system (

* Ability to create and use custom S2 styles on your community (

* Ability to add trackers/counters to a custom S2 style ( under "Adding a counter.")

* Ability to use all options in the S2 customization wizards and access to S2's Advanced Customization area (

* Ability to create and use customised S2 comment pages, to match your community layout (

* Ability to add up to 30 links to your community's Links list on S2 styles, rather than the 5 allowed to free users (

* Custom mood themes. You can create a custom mood theme for a community using the mood theme editor method, by selecting the community in the "Work as user" drop-down list while logged in as the maintainer account. (

* 15 user picture icons, rather than the 3 allowed to free users. (
Some users customise their journal to have community entries on their Friends page display with the community's default user picture rather than the user picture selected by the entry author. The extra user picture icons allow you to vary the icon for your community more frequently from a greater range, for greater expression.
Additionally, some users customize the community style to make greater use of the userpics. One possibility is displaying randomized userpics of your choice anywhere in your style [], another is using a sidebar to display multiple userpics at once.

* Ability for the maintainer to post polls to the community regardless of whether the maintainer has a paid or free account. (

* Access to the complete range of options for embedding your community into your own website (

* A email forwarding address. A address gives members a consistent, easy way to contact maintainers without having to display moderator/maintainer usernames on the community's userinfo page (

* A personalised subdomain name ( in addition to the standard Please note that you will need to convert any underscores in your username (e.g. "user_example") to hyphens in this type of URL ( If the underscore is located at the beginning or end of your username, this type of URL may not work at all for your journal.

* Ability to set up domain forwarding, so that your domain points to your LiveJournal community (

* Access to the text messaging feature (

* Access to your community's Friends of Friends list (

* Ability to notify whenever new public entries are posted to the community; to give your community greater exposure (

* Additionally, notifying helps ensure the community's public entries are indexed most frequently by Feedster - for accurate and up-to-the-minute searching (

* Your Recent Comments page ( will display the fifty most recent comments posted to the community for you, rather than the ten that are allowed to free users even where the maintainer journal is a paid account.
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