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[comments] FAQ proposal

I'd like to see an FAQ under comments so volunteers won't have to joke about referencing when a user asks how to find out who left an anonymous comment. Because of my inexperience and not knowing whether or not it would be welcome, I'm writing an ultra-rough draft of it with the basic contents. Comments, corrections, and other nitpicks are more than welcome.

Can I find out who left an anonymous comment?

No, you cannot definiteively find out who left an anonymous comment. The term anonymous means that the identity of the author is withheld by him or her or unknown. To remain consistent with the definition of the word, LiveJournal offers no way to definitively trace an anonymous comment to its poster. To prevent anonymous commenting on your journal, you will have to ban it completely.

If you do not wish to ban anonymous commenting altogether, you may choose to track the IP addresses of anonymous posters. The IP address will not provide definitive information as to the identify of the poster, but will allow you to identify the poster's Internet service provider (ISP). To determine the IP addresses of anonymous poster, you must enable Comment IP Logging in your journal for at least "Anonymous posters only". This will not display the IP addresses for comments made before this option was enabled.


How do I control who can post comments in my journal?

What is Comment IP Logging? What do you mean, "this user is logging my IP address"?

What should I do if I'm being harassed by an anonymous commenter?

It has been pointed out that when trimmed down to only what I intended to write about, it is a very meager and useless FAQ. Sorry to waste your time or get your hopes up!

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