Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

[RFC] Hard to find Styles communities?

Hi. I just tried to find the community I'd seen before, in the distant past, that dealt with a particular style: Variable Flow. It was a little hard to find.

I typed in usernames like 'variableflow', 'variable_flow'. I looked in the userinfo pages for the official journal 'lj_style', 's2howto'; and the user 's2styles' community. I searched on interests like 'styles', 'layouts' and 'variable flow' and couldn't find it. I looked through the styles FAQs and clicked on some of the 'howto' tutorials referenced that dealt with what's supported by the various layouts. One of the S1 FAQs referenced the finding communities page but that wouldn't have helped since no interests were listed anyway.
Eventually I did find it, it's at:

The thing is I don't spend too much time in the Style Systems section of the Support Board and as such I don't know whether there's a reason why the various communities like : S2unearthed, S2variableflow etc are hard to find - or were for me at least. Likewise, I don't know if any pointers to them would have to go in a howto or s2howto 'tutorial' linked to from the FAQs; or a FAQ itself.

I've no idea if this has been brought up many times before. I'm unsure if these are all user communities and therefore _can't_ be referenced in the FAQs or whether some are set up by staff but are user communities and the person who created the community is incidental.

YES, the fact the community I went off looking for didn't have interests listed is probably something I should post to that community about and perhaps I will. :) But I still think the various fora like s2component, s2unearthed, s2boxer_help are hard to find. Perhaps they just were for me, I don't know. They aren't all named with the prefix s2, I don't know if all layouts have one, or if they're pseudo-official/unofficial/were official/aren't official. Maybe they're meant to be hard to find because they're intentionally specialised. But I didn't think it'd hurt any bringing it up.

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