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Three quick things

1) This Support request brings up something important that we've overlooked. Can we add something to FAQ #75 about not using quotation marks in LJ-CUT tags?

2) The current title of #19, "How can I change the e-mail address that LiveJournal uses?", is somewhat unclear. That could mean "How can I change the e-mail address that LiveJournal uses when sending me mail?", or "How can I change the e-mail address that LiveJournal uses for my Paid Account?", or a bunch of other things. Can we change it to "How can I change the e-mail address attached to my LiveJournal account?" or something similar? Even that's probably not clear enough, but there's an example of what I'm talking about.

3) People are constantly asking how to change their mood themes, even though it's right there in FAQ #32. I think this is because it doesn't stand out enough. Can we put a little heading between the 4th and 5th paragraphs reading "MOOD THEMES"? I also thought of recommending that we add "How do I change my mood theme?" to the end of the FAQ's title, but that would make it really long.

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