a cat named Tempest (isabeau) wrote in lj_userdoc,
a cat named Tempest

Suggestion for FAQ 204 (and/or a new FAQ)

FAQ 204 is currently specific to updating with the Rich Text editor. It is also the first FAQ listed in the "Journal entries" section. There is no "How do I update my journal?" that is not-Rich-Text-y. (support answers tend to use the "how do I get started?" FAQ, which is less than ideal, and certainly doesn't help people who are looking in the FAQs for information on how to update, because they may not make the association between an account creation FAQ and updating their journal.)

I would like to propose that the FAQ be changed to incorporate all kinds of updating, not just Rich Text editing. Title change to "How do I update my journal?", and then divide the FAQ into sections. Possibly an introductory paragraph saying that you can update through the web interface or through a downloadable client; and then a section on the standard Update Journal mode, maybe including information that (a) you can use HTML (FAQ is already linked from the Further Reading section), (b) you can select the user picture to use if you've defined keywords (and link that FAQ from the FR section), and (c) you can set the entry security. Second section on the Rich Text editor. Third on downloadable clients, but more of a "You can use clients to download, and some even have WYSIWYG options" rather than the current Rich-Text-y emphasis.

If a separate Rich-Text-y FAQ would be good, we might want to also have a standard-update FAQ. I'd lean towards editing the existing FAQ though.


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