limitless (phoenixdreaming) wrote in lj_userdoc,

[s2] Theme Layer tutorial and changing FAQ 176

Now that there's an S2 theme layer tutorial, it needs to be linked from at least one of the S2 FAQs. From the Support angle, I'd like if it was somewhere fairly obvious; it'll need to be referenced frequently in answers since using a theme layer is often the best way to do anything that's not possible through the S2 wizard.

I'd rather like to see FAQ #176 become "How do I create a theme layer? What are the different S2 layer types?" or similiar, and possibly have the existing content moved to another s2howto post or posts, and link to both the tutorial and the theory-like information. I've never seen anyone ask 'What are the different layer types?', and though the content is useful, it's not being used properly at the moment.

Anyway, looking for thoughts: where should the Theme Layer tutorial be linked? What should happen to FAQ 176? Does it need changing?

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