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FAQ 185 (or maybe 61?) needs a change/addition

Edited: This post was initially suggesting a small change to FAQ 185. Based on some comments, FAQ 61 is now looking like a better spot. The core issue, no matter where it ends up, is that there no longer seems to be a FAQ that explicitly states "You cannot hide your Friends list."

FAQ 61 suggestion
The text about 'you can't hide your friends list' is probably best in "FAQ 61 -- What is LiveJournal's Friends system?", per burr86's suggestion below. A simple line added to the end of the first paragraph would work quite nicely:

LiveJournal uses a system of "Friends" as part of the community element of the site. All LiveJournal users can maintain a "Friends list" of other LiveJournal users. This list is then used throughout the site. Notably, your Friends list is used to determine who appears on your Friends page, and to restrict access to your entries and other information. A list of a person's Friends also appears on their User Info page. It is not possible to hide your Friends list, since you have complete control over whom you choose to list as a friend.

Or something like that.

FAQ 185 original

FAQ 185 -- Can I remove people from my Friend Of list?

As was discovered in a recent request, 185 no longer contains explicit text that states "You can't hide your Friends list." It used to, I'm pretty sure, but isn't there any more. (Unless I'm totally blind. It implies it in other ways, but no longer clearly states it.)

And upon perusal of the rest of the Friends-category FAQs, I can't find any other FAQ that states it either. So that information needs to go back in somewhere, at some point.
I'd like to suggest that it be added back to 185, with a title change and text tweakage at the top of that FAQ.

First, make the title "Can I hide my Friends list? Can I remove people from my Friend Of list?" or something similar. The two are releated, and can pretty easily be intertwined in the same FAQ. Then have the top part of that FAQ tweaked a bit to explicitly state "You can't hide your own Friends list" in there somewhere:

"LiveJournal gives users complete control over whom they list as friends. Therefore, it is not possible to hide your Friends list, as you have the ability to remove unwanted names from it at any time. Similarly, it is not possible to remove a username from your Friend Of list, as this would be altering the Friends list of another user.

However, while
you cannot remove yourself from the Friends list of another user, you can take actions to ensure that their username is not displayed on your Friend-of list."

And it can continue on from there as it currently is. The above is just a suggestion of text that could be used -- I'm sure someone will tune it out better than that, LOL.

But truly, at the core of this whole post is the following point: We need a line in some FAQ, somewhere, that explicitly states "No, you cannot hide your Friends list." Because right now, we seem to be without it.
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