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FAQ Changes, 2/16/05 to 3/4/05

These are the FAQ changes from Feb. 16th to Mar. 4th. I'll be doing more work on the FAQs either later tonight or tomorrow, but this is what's done so far.

  • [link] Added a paragraph to FAQ 95 explaining that you will still use your own user pictures when posting as a community, and you cannot choose one of the community's to post with.

  • [link] FAQ 74 was updated to indicate that the Express Lane notice will appear on most journal pages as well as site-scheme pages, and that the notice will appear even if no free users were bypassed.

  • [link] FAQ 33 updated to clarify the distinction between the 24-hour clock on the Update Journal page and using 12- or 24-hour time on your journal.

  • [link] Title of FAQ 14 changed to mention videos, and text very slightly rearranged to clarify that Flash objects aren't a scripting language, they're a type of active-content object.

  • [link] Typo fixed in FAQ 60.

  • [link] Paragraph added to FAQ 67 explaining that you can also create links in this way to individual files on other websites or individual LiveJournal entries.

  • [link] FAQ 61 updated to include information on the various limits that apply to Friends lists and Friend list display on User Info pages. Similar information was removed from FAQ 148 to avoid duplicating information, and replaced with a link directing users to FAQ 61.

  • [link] FAQ 220 created, "Can I transfer my paid account to another username?"

  • [link] FAQ 190 updated to cover the various errors you can receive while trying to make a payment at LiveJournal, and the title was changed to "Why do I get errors when trying to make a payment?"

  • [link] FAQ 4 updated to include information on the Six Apart purchase, and a link to their website.

  • [link][link] FAQ 149 updated to include information on what FOAF is, and where a user's or community's FOAF file is located. Also, information on the Atom version used by LiveJournal was added. Title was changed to "Where can I get an RSS or Atom feed of my journal? What is FOAF? Where is my FOAF file?"

    As always, if your suggestion (made before March 4th) was overlooked or not implemented, please see the comments on the entry you posted, and re-post as a top-level entry if you feel your suggestion is still necessary.
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