Tribeless Nomad (tribelessnomad) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Tribeless Nomad

More Guides; testing needed

There are now 6 Guides online—3 for end users:
Requesting a Custom Userpic
Mood Icons
Where to Learn More
…and 3 for volunteers:
Volunteer Forums
Joining a Volunteer Team
Answering Support Requests
We need to update all links to the Support Guide (and any other Guides listed here which may have been linked to while they were hosted on my goathack server). There are no such links in the FAQ pages, and I updated talkpost.bml?itemid=13435195 earlier today. leora can update userinfo.bml?user=helpscreening. The outdated "Important Notes" box near the bottom of each open Support Request (support/see_request.bml) will have to be updated by introducing a hook, I believe. I'll update the manual's Progress page when I can. If you find any more links that need to be updated, please comment.

The other thing we need to do right away is test for browser compatibility. If you use anything other than IE5, I'd appreciate knowing how the page looks. In fact, I'd be really grateful if a few people would volunteer to test documents regularly, using Netscape 4.7 (Heaven help you), Opera, iCab, PDAs, and anything intended to correct for disabilities. I'd like to be sure that the documentation is usable under as many circumstances as possible. Of course, it can easily be made to look fine to 95% of users, but that last 5% is always where 95% of the work has to be done. This work should be discussed mainly in lj_sysdoc. If you're interested in testing pages as they're modified, and maybe sharing screenshots, please reply and join/watch lj_sysdoc for further information.

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