Squirrel of Justice (snarkbite) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Squirrel of Justice

small suggestion for FAQ 47

FAQ 47 - "What are Memories and how do I delete them... wait, who am I again? I can't seem to remember anything..."

In the user's last SNH comment on this request, they ask a question that made me realize FAQ 47 could be just a bit clearer in the 'multidelete' section. In their SNH, they include their own comments in (parentheses) mixed in with the quoted material from the FAQ, bolded below:

Their line: "You can also delete memories in bulk by going to the memory category (on my userinfo?)"

I realized our phrase 'by going to the memory category' could easily be interpreted as they did -- "Do you mean by clicking Memories from my user info page? Isn't that the 'memory category' itself" and so on.

So, I'd like to suggest the following addition to that section, in italics:

You can also delete memories in bulk. This is done by clicking on the specific memory category you created that contains the memories you want to delete and then adding &multidelete=1 to the end of that URL. This will provide checkboxes next to each of the entries in that category.

Try to make it a bit clearer that we want them to actually click on *their* memory categories that they've defined -- not just accessing the 'memory category as a whole'. (I split it into two sentences just because it seemed to get a little long otherwise.)

Thoughts? :)
Tags: cat-entries, faq47, status-resolved

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