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addition to FAQ 16

FAQ 16 -- How do I delete/undelete my entire journal?

I'd like to suggest tweaking this FAQ so that it specifically covers communities as well, especially for undeleting. There is no mention in any current FAQ about how to undelete a community -- there is only the one comms FAQ (93) about 'no longer wanting your community', which gives information on deleting only.

So, this would involve:

- Change the title of 16 to something like: How do I delete/undelete my entire journal or community?

- Tweak the first part of the FAQ with something similar to the following (changes are in italics):

To delete your entire personal journal, log in and go to http://www.livejournal.com/accountstatus.bml. Change your Journal Activation Status to "Deleted" and click on "Save Changes". To undelete your journal, return to the same page and change your Journal Activation Status to "Activated". Your journal and all of your settings, including your Friends list, will be the same as they were before you deleted your journal.

To delete a community, log in to the maintainer account (your personal journal) and go to the same Account Status page listed above. From there, select your community's username from the "Work as user" menu and click the "Switch" button. Then change the Journal Activation Status to "Deleted" and click on "Save Changes". To undelete the community, return to the same page, select your community's name again, and change the Journal Activation Status to "Activated". The community and all of its settings, including entries and members list, will be the same as they were before you deleted the community.

The rest of the FAQ could go on from there as it is right now. You could re-do the rest of it to use "or a community" phrasing throughout, but I don't think that would really add too much to it. Mostly, I'd just like to see some mention of undeleting that is specifically tailored to a comm -- work as user and so on. So 16 seems as likely a place as any. The FAQ could then be used both in g/unk and comms as needed.

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