Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

burr86/jayo tag-team smackdown action part uh!

Here are the changes for about half of the period since the last smackdown; jc is doing the other half. If I commented on your entry inviting you to re-post your entry for futher discussion, please do so. As always, thank you for flying Air LJ Userdoc, and we hope you'll consider us for all your future documentation needs.

[link] FAQ16 updated to include info on (un)deleting a comm.

[link] FAQ69 cleaned up and info on closing a poll added.

[link] FAQ136 updated to be more consistent with our copyright policies

[link] FAQ183 updated to say that paid users get 100 MB, rather than 50

[link] FAQ127 updated to deal with abandoned/deleted/suspended accounts.

[link] FAQ113 renamed to "How does my LiveJournal email address work?"

[link] FAQ115 slightly tweaked to better work with validation emails

[link] FAQ47 updated to be a bit more clear on the use of multidelete

[link] FAQ40 tweaked to be clear on how to fix problems.

[link] FAQ61 updated to specifically say that you can't hide your flist.
Tags: cat-abuse, cat-accounts, cat-entries, cat-mobile, cat-notifs, cat-security, cat-troubleshooting, smackdown, status-resolved

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