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FAQ proposal (comms)

FAQ proposal for a new comms FAQ. Comments/corrections/suggestions/questions welcome. :)

Who owns a community? What are maintainers and moderators?


A 'maintainer' is a personal account that has administrative control over the community. A maintainer has the ability to do the following tasks:

* View and change the community's settings
* Change the community's customizations
* Invite, remove, or ban users
* Add or remove maintainers (or moderators, if applicable)
* Delete entries or comments
* Freeze or screen comments, and see screened comments

Some of these tasks can be performed through the Community Management page (http://www.livejournal.com/community/manage.bml). Others can be performed by selecting the community's username from a "Work as User" menu at the top of the page and clicking Switch to change to the community.

All maintainers have equal access in a community. There is no "owner" status that indicates a higher-status maintainer. This means that if you wish to share maintainership of a community you run, you should select someone that you can trust, since co-maintainers would not need your permission to change settings or to remove you as a maintainer.


A 'moderator' is a personal account that has the ability to manage entries in a community's moderation queue. When a community has moderated posting, any entry is submitted to the moderation queue, where a moderator can approve or reject the entry as appropriate.

The moderation queue can be accessed through the Community Management page (http://www.livejournal.com/community/manage.bml), under the "Awaiting Moderation" column.

Moderators do not have the ability to change any other settings of the community, or to delete entries once they have been approved from the moderation queue.

The abilities of maintainers and moderators do not overlap: moderators who are not maintainers cannot do any administration in the community other than managing the moderation queue, and maintainers who are not moderators cannot access the moderation queue.


[Should probably link at least "what are moderated communities?" and "how do I give another user maintainership of my community"; it might be worth also linking the comm moderation FAQcat as a whole, I'm not sure.]
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