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FAQ 181 (What items can I buy, Account Payments) should include a link to the payment center.

FAQ 160 (Why is my journal not updating, Troubleshooting) should probably contain somewhere a link to FAQ 40 (Why does my journal/FP display incorrectly), possibly with something along the lines of -- if there's a stray comment link, or if the header/sidebar that's supposed to be there isn't actually there, it's possible that malformed HTML is causing the page to display out of order, with the newer updates farther down the page, go here for more information -- only better worded. :)

FAQ 189 (Irreparable invalid markup, Troubleshooting) might want to contain something along the lines of -- The error message gives an indication of where the problem is, but the actual error might be in the tag before -- only worded more clearly. (If the problem's <tag foo="bar>lots and lots of entry here <tag foo="quux">, the error message will say something like <tag ... quux"< as the offending tag, which makes it look like the problem's in the second tag, not the first one. It makes sense from the perspective of the HTML cleaner, but users get confused because they delete the thing where they think it's a problem, and it doesn't actually fix anything.)
Tags: cat-payments, cat-troubleshooting, faq160, faq181, faq189, status-resolved

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