Mr. He Went That-A-Way (remark) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Mr. He Went That-A-Way

mp3 support

Now that mp3 is a supported file type for phoneposts (see this post in news), FAQs 183 and 184 ought to be updated to reflect that.

For 183, I propose changing the last sentence of the "Setting Up Phone Posting" section to:
You can also select a file format for your phone posts -- mp3 files, WAV files, or Ogg Vorbis (

For 184, I propose changing the first paragraph to:
LiveJournal uses three file formats for its Post by Phone feature ( mp3 files, WAV files, and Ogg Vorbis files. While mp3 and WAV files can be played with a variety of programs, listening to Ogg Vorbis files may require new software, or changes to your current software.

In both, my changes are bolded (including the new commas needed because of a third list item).


(Both FAQs also have an instance of "e-mail" that should be dehyphenated if this is changed.)
Tags: cat-mobile, faq183, faq184, status-resolved

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