Fairly Unbalanced (opal1159) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Fairly Unbalanced

[Journal Entries] FAQ 72 (altering appearance, HTML)

Under Common Text Effects:

* Marquee: To have a segment of text appear to scroll across the screen, use <marquee> and </marquee>. This tag will only work correctly on Internet Explorer for Windows; it can even cause some browsers to crash or not display the rest of the page properly. You should enclose marquees in the LiveJournal-specific <lj-cut> tag pair to hide text in a marquee tag.
Example: <lj-cut><marquee>This text is scrolling across the page.</marquee></lj-cut>

I can't list browsers that hate marquee, but IE for Windows certainly isn't the only one that accepts it (it's working in Firefox and Safari for me), so I suggest changing that part to:

Because this tag can cause some browsers to crash..., you should...

(Or strike the because and split into two sentences.)
Tags: cat-entries, faq72, status-resolved
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