Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

oh my god two months of smackdown

Here we go. Got everything up till now, with either a "Done", "Declined", or "Post again". If you fall into that last category, please post your suggestion again! Here we go with the changes that got made:

[link] FAQ30 updated to tell people not to include their phone numbers in support requests.

[link] FAQ72 updated to be a bit more general about how the marquee tag breaks things

[link] FAQ38 and FAQ46 both updated to reflect the new userpic limit for permanent accounts

[link] FAQ183 and FAQ184 both updated to reflect MP3 phoneposts

[link] FAQ30 updated to say that text message issues should be taken to MoFeat

[link] [link] FAQ225, "Who owns a community? What are maintainers and moderators?", added!

[link] FAQ114 updated to reflect changes to lapsed paid users' custom S1 styles

[link] FAQ151 has had its title very slightly tweaked

[link] FAQ224 added, and FAQ187 slightly tweaked.

[link] [link] FAQ47 updated to emphasize using multidelete on deleted entries/journals

[link] FAQ67 updated to explain how to make links using the richtext editor.

[link] FAQ182 updated to link to FAQ21, since weblogs pinging is a paid feature

[link] FAQ212 updated to reflect the fact that maints are auto-added to their comms

[link] FAQ96 slightly tweaked to indicate that 170 doesn't just explain comment link text

[link] FAQ162 updated to be a bit more generic about how bind-to-IP might not work

[link] FAQ113 tweaked to bridge the gap between "forwarding address" and "email alias"

[link] FAQ124 updated to explain exactly how overrides work.

[link] FAQ46 updated to say that your userpics don't matter if you don't have keywords. :p

[link] FAQ133 updated to be clearer on where to pick your default encoding.

[link] FAQ173 (now hidden) merged with FAQ168, since they were effectively duplicates. :p

[link] FAQ97 and FAQ214 updated to state that bgimage sizes should be changed by editing the image

[link] FAQ92 updated to say that people might just be getting logged out.

[link] FAQ40 now links to 67 in the FR

[link] FAQ181 now links to the payment center

[link] FAQ25 updated to clarify renaming to an existing account

[link] FAQ25 and FAQ127 finally updated to document the renaming to a purged username thingum. finally finally finally at last! :P
Tags: cat-accounts, cat-clients, cat-comm-manage, cat-community, cat-customize, cat-entries, cat-ext-sites, cat-levels, cat-mobile, cat-notifs, cat-payments, cat-s1, cat-syn, cat-troubleshooting, cat-userpics, smackdown, status-resolved

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