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small suggestion for FAQ 179

FAQ 179 -- All these community entries are appearing on my Friends page! I hates it! Tells me how to fix it, my precious...

The end of that FAQ says you have two options for viewing comms separately and lists 'custom groups' or 'appending '?show=c...' as the two options. Then, as an extra non-bulleted sentence, it says you can remove the comm from your Friends list.

However, I actually think that the 'remove comm from Friends list' is usually what most people are looking for -- I think it should be included in the bulleted list, quite possibly as the first bullet point. It is the easiest/quickest way to permanently achieve the desired result. (no need to create a custom group, no need to bookmark a '?show=c' URL or anything, etc.) Even if it goes in as the last bullet point, I do think it should be listed with the others.

ETA: Upon further re-read, I do see that the 'remove from Friends list' is probably left out of the bullet list because the FAQ is written to define what 'watching' is specifically. And yes, removing a comm from the Friends list means you would no longer be watching it. I've re-worded behind the cut to take this into account.

So, the end of the FAQ might become:

If you watch communities but want to view them separately from the rest of your friends, you have two three options:

* use custom friends groups
* append ?show=C or ?show=P to the end of your friends page URL to only show entries in community journals or personal journals, respectively. For example, http://www.livejournal.com/users/exampleusername/friends/?show=C would
only show you entries in community journals that you are watching.
* remove the community from your Friends list. Even though you would no longer be watching the community, you would still be able to visit the community directly to view its entries.

You also have the option of removing a community from your friends list and viewing its entries by visiting the community individually.

Thoughts? further suggestion/change?
Tags: cat-community, faq179, status-resolved

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