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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

FAQ35 - can non friends see my locked posts?

As well as "Help, non friends can see my locked post" requests, it would be very usefull if FAQ35 directly addressed the fact that custom friends filtered posts will also appear in friends pages of friends not included in the filter to the owner of the journal. But worded far better than that.

Suggest something like; "While you are logged in, you will be able to see all of your own entries including custom filtered and private entries, wherever they may appear including through the friends pages of people who list you as a friend or listed friends who are not included in a custom filter. This does not mean that these people can see your friends only or filtered posts.

In order for someone to see your Friends-Only entries, you must add him or her to your Friends list and he or she must be logged in. To see your custom filtered entries they must also be added to any custom filter used on an entry. There is no other way for someone to see your Friends-Only entries. Nobody can see your own private entries except you."

And add "What are Custom friends filters?" to a further reading section.

[before I added this little comment my post word count said 200 words 1337 characters. heh.]
Tags: cat-security, faq35, status-resolved

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