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Help tag lj_userdoc, starting now!

So us docadmins got drunk one night and decided to have people tag their posts to lj_userdoc to make our jobs easier. This new policy is pretty complex, but it's easy because there aren't a lot of different topics in this community to be covered, as most (if not all) of 'em are about LiveJournal's FAQ.

Today I added 270 preset tags to this community, including tags for each and every one of LiveJournal's 230 (!) FAQs and 23 FAQ categories. The rest cover proposal statuses, and various actions that happen as a result of proposals. Our devious plan is to have each and every one of you go back to your previous lj_userdoc contributions and tag them yourself, but that's for another time; for now, I would ask everyone to tag any new posts they make to this community appropriately.

So, here's what to do when you post a proposal:

  • Most importantly, add the status-pending tag. That way docadmins can go through all pending proposals and make decisions quicker when it comes to smackdown time.

  • Tag your entry where it concerns one or more FAQs, in the form faq4, faq29, faq131.

  • Tag your entry with the FAQ categor(y/ies) it concerns, as well as FAQs if possible: this would really help when filtering entries by FAQ category. They're really easy to figure out because they're based on the category's shortcode, so for example an FAQ in the Account Payments category, with the shortcode 'payments', becomes cat-payments.
    (If you're unsure of the shortcode, go to the FAQ list and mouse over the relevant "see all" link or go to an individual FAQ page and mouse over the "Parent category" link at the bottom of the page.)

    The available (and current) category tags are:
    • cat-about - About LiveJournal
    • cat-abuse
    • cat-accounts
    • cat-basic - Quick Answers
    • cat-clients
    • cat-comm-manage -ment
    • cat-comments
    • cat-community
    • cat-customize
    • cat-embedding
    • cat-entries
    • cat-ext_sites - Working with Other Sites
    • cat-paidaccounts
    • cat-payments - Account Payments
    • cat-s1
    • cat-s2
    • cat-scrapbook
    • cat-security - Friends and Security Levels
    • cat-site_nav -igation Features
    • cat-syn -dication
    • cat-tags
    • cat-troubleshooting
    • cat-userpics
And that's it! The docadmins will take over from there. Any problems, let me know here or join #lj_docadmin on IRC.

If you're at all interested in helping tag previous entries, I'll post guidelines for those tomorrow or Sunday. Happy tagging! (God, I sound so camp saying that.)
Tags: administrative

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