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s2 layers and how to help people with them

this might not be the correct community but i am unsure about where it should go. if you know of a better location, let me know and i'll put it there.

people ask questions about s2 layers all the time. what people don't understand is that there is a process that will help get this underway much quicker for those of us who are programmers and can figure out how to solve the problem/question that users have.

this is the process that i've come up with:
  • it is always good to have a copy of your layers on your computer. if pc, use notepad or textpad. if mac, use textedit or whatever the program is. hopefully you have a pretty good undo buffer in your text editor in case you mess up your code.
    • make a change in the text editor
    • copy/paste it into the compiler
    • if errors, fix the code in your text editor
    • copy/paste, compile again
  • semicolons (;) go at the end of every command that is not a logic statement.
  • curly braces ({ and }) open and close functions. you may accidentally close a function before you mean to.
  • parentheses (( and )) can also get you in trouble.
  • a # comments out a line of code and makes the compiler ignore it. removing it will activate that line of code.
  • in order for people to be able to help you they will need to be able to view your code. the following explains how to do this.
    • put layerinfo "source_viewable" = 1; into the top of your layer(s) and compile
    • provide the layerid number(s) of your layer(s) in your post
    • provide the page in which you see the error
    • provide the s2id of the style that you see this error in
    • if the error involves something attached to an entry/comment that is friends-locked you must recreate the error in a public post or temporarily unlock the entry in question and backdate it to the year 1971.
    • if the error involves something that only the owner of the entry/comment can see you must provide a screenshot
  • if someone is going to help, they should follow these guidelines. (person a is the person with the problem and person b is the person who is helping)
    • person a provides layers to person b via layer browser
    • person a doesnt alter layers until person b completes changes
    • person b creates a new style and layers for this project
    • person b makes alterations to layers
    • person b provides link with their s2id to show a preview of person b's journal data in the new version of person a's layout.
    • if person a is happy, person b provides layers to person a via layer browser. otherwise, changes are made.
    • it is best to name the style in the following convention: username_layout (ie: kunzite1_component)
    • it is best to name the user layer in the following convention: username_layout_user1 (ie: kunzite1_component_user1)
    • it is best to name the theme layer in the following convention: username_layout_customizations (ie: kunzite1_component_customizations)
    • this keeps the layers straight

more here.
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