Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

communities FAQs, round 1.

I'm bored.

The lemurs are finally being removed from the Communities FAQs and being thrown back into the Troubleshooting FAQs. ;)

FAQ101 | How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?
* You'll get an email when a maintainer approves/rejects your membership request.
* Your protected posts aren't compromised

FAQ81 | If I join or watch a community, can the members see my protected entries?
* Hidden, since it's covered in 101.

FAQ179 | What is "watching"? Can I view communities separately from the rest of my Friends list?
* Tweaked the "there are three things you can do" section.

FAQ82 | How do I leave a community?
* Nuked the console way of removing yourself, advocating the nicer UI. ;)

FAQ76 | How do I post in a community?
* Cleaned up, split off some of the stuff into 212.

FAQ83 | How do I post a Members-Only entry in a community?
* Hidden, since it's covered in 76 (and has been for a while)

FAQ119 | How do I edit or delete an entry in a community?
* Minor scrubbing

FAQ212 | Why am I unable to post in a community?
* Added not-validated address as another reason why you can't post
* Took out the bit on not replying to the rejection notice, since they come from lj_notify now. ;)
* Cleaned up the moderated comms section

Slightly tweaked the sort order for the Communities FAQ category.
Tags: cat-community, faq101, faq119, faq179, faq212, faq76, faq81, faq82, faq83, smackdown

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