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Help tag lj_userdoc: here's what you need to know

So now you know how us docadmins would like you to tag all new entries, we'd like you to go back through your previous entries to lj_userdoc and tag those too, if you would be so kind. I'm sure you've all heard the adage "many hands make light work"; believe me, it's simply not possible to spoil this broth.

How to tag your past entries

The easiest way to find your previous lj_userdoc entries, as I'm sure you're all aware, is to use the community's monthview. Tabbed browsing makes it a lot easier to keep track of them all. For each entry of yours that you find...

First, consider the status:

You already know about status-pending, as it's the tag that should be applied to every new proposal entry. When a docadmin makes a decision on an entry, the docadmin will remove this tag and replace it with one of the following three types of outcome:
  • status-rejected, for a proposal that has been rejected in full;
  • status-deferred, for a proposal for which a decision has been postponed until a future date or post or diverted to another community such as howto_userdoc; and
  • status-resolved, for a proposal that has been accepted in part or in full.
When looking at your previous proposals, check for a comment from a docadmin indicating what's been done as a result of your proposal and tag your original entry with one of the three outcomes listed above. If you can't see such a comment, label the entry status-pending and a docadmin will get to it in due course.

Tag your proposal with FAQ IDs and FAQ categories:

But only add tags for the FAQs and FAQ categories that were affected as a result of your proposal. You can find a list of the available tags here.

Now figure out what the docadmin did:

If a proposal is status-resolved, then a docadmin or category admin will have done something to the FAQ as a result of your proposal. A number of tags have been created to indicate possible actions, so people can look back and find out when an FAQ was added, or two categories were merged, etc. If something's been done as a result of your proposal, tag it with one or more of the following:
  • faq created
    faq hidden
    faq merge
    faq shown
    faq split
    For each of these tags, please also add the FAQ ID and category tag(s) as required. The list is here.
  • category created
    category merge
    category removed
    category split
    For each of these tags, please also add the FAQ category tag(s) as required. The list is here.

When not to tag:

It's been decided that the following changes are too trivial to track, so ignore these particular changes:
  • When an FAQ or FAQ category is renamed;
  • When an FAQ is moved to a different category;
  • When an FAQ or FAQ category is reordered in the list on faq.bml.

If a post of yours doesn't fall into any of the above categories or situations, or you're otherwise unsure of how to tag it, please do ask. I've opened up the #lj_docadmin IRC channel on for this purpose, in case quick decisions have to be made: if you don't have an IRC client, you can access the channel over the web, here.

Of course, the more people that can help with this project, the better. We'll give it a month or so before we go back ourselves and fill in the blanks. Thanks!
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