Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
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s2 FAQs

Round three of Operation Make All Lingering Lemurs Emigrate to Troubleshooting (Operation MALLET for short.) Sort orders tweaked just a bit.

FAQ170 | How do I customize my journal using S2?
* Cleaned up and made the progression a bit clearer

FAQ171 | Which options are supported by each public S2 layout?
* Took "currently" out of the title.

FAQ145 | Why are some S2 customizations not available?
* Cleaned the title
* Cleaned the text, added in a bit about comment link text.
* further reading style

FAQ172 | Where can I learn more about advanced S2 customization?
* Title tweak
* FR styled the text

FAQ177 | How do I create a custom S2 style?
* Cleaned, divided into logical sections, FR

FAQ176 | What are the different S2 layer types?
* Cleaned up, headers, FR.
* This FAQ could use a total rewrite, or a very strong scrubbing

FAQ214 | How do I add a background image in S2?
* Cleanup

FAQ169 | How do I put a Link List in my S2 style?
* Title tweaked
* Referred to s2howto for the list of styles that support it
* Cleanup

FAQ213 | How do I edit my journal's "Blurb" or "About This Journal" free text area?
* Title tweaked, to include "About this Journal"
* Cleanup

FAQ175 | My friends' comment pages are displaying in different styles blah blah
* Cleaned up
* Could use a total rewrite.
Tags: cat-cust-adv, cat-customize, faq145, faq169, faq170, faq171, faq172, faq175, faq176, faq177, faq213, faq214, smackdown

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