Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ #228 » Can other people see my tags?

I just decided to read about tags (I'm new to the feature) and I stumbled upon FAQ #228 ("Can other people see my tags?"). I think the FAQ is worded in an overly complicated and confusing way.

Personally, I think the first two paragraphs can be entirely removed and replaced by one sentence:
Anyone who can see at least one entry with a certain tag, can see that tag.
Each tag is visible to everyone who can see at least one entry with that tag.
Of course, that is a pretty drastic reduction of the length of the FAQ, so please feel free to remove less than what I'm suggesting, but I really really think that example with the "three public and three friends-only entries" (etc.) is totally unnecessary.
Tags: faq228, status-rejected

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