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Misc. FAQ Updates, 6/16/05 to 7/5/05

  • [link] FAQ 75 updated to replace most occurences of "tag" or "tags" with "markup tag(s)" to help users differentiate between entry categorization tags and HTML-type markup tags.

  • [link] [link] FAQ 148 has been reworked and converted to further reading format to ease its readability. Also, a line was added which details the limit of 100 entries when filtering by categorization tags.

  • [link] FAQ 164 updated to reflect the policy of suggestions to use tags instead of memories for previous entries, and for users to use the tag list on the main page of suggestions to view entries by subject.

  • [link] FAQ 35 updated to specifically address the required conditions for someone to see a custom-security post.

  • [link] FAQ 32 slightly rearranged.

  • [link] Mention of using tags and memories has been added to FAQ 215.

  • [link] [link] FAQ 64 was updated to disclaim that communities must use the interactive editor to create a theme. The section header was changed from "Creating" to "Managing".

If I missed your proposal, then it didn't have a status-pending tag. According to the new lj_userdoc tagging policy, all new proposals should have that tag, so if I missed you, please add that tag to your entry and the proposal will be addressed.
Tags: cat-about, cat-cust-adv, cat-entries, faq148, faq164, faq215, faq32, faq35, faq64, faq75, smackdown

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