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Update to 143

Proposed update to FAQ 143 (Why can't I edit my user bio, interests, or entries?) based on one of the more common questions we get in Web (and our stock answer for it).


If you are receiving a message about bad unicode input when you attempt to update, you will need to change your browser to auto-detect the character encoding of viewed pages. If you have used non-Western characters in your interests, any of your entries, or your user bio, you will be unable to edit them until you set your default text encoding and mass-convert your information. Malformed HTML may also prevent you from editing an entry; if that is the problem, you will have to edit it using the "blue pencil" icon on the view entry page, or through use of a client.

Read more:


You may receive an error message that looks like this when you attempt to update:

Bad Unicode Input
Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8. It may also indicate a bug in the browser. If you cannot get around this error, contact us.

This happens when you have manually set your browser to use a specific text encoding that is not UTF-8 (Unicode). LiveJournal auto-detects the UTF-8 text encoding, and expects to receive text in this encoding in return. If you manually set your browser to use a different encoding, you will receive this error. To stop it from happening, set your browser to auto-detect a declared text encoding; you will need to consult your browser documentation for more information on how to do this.


If you see question marks (?) or small boxes anywhere in the entry or bio you are trying to edit, visit for information on how to set your default text encoding. Once you have done this, you MUST mass-convert your information in order for the changes to take place.


Occasionally, use of improper HTML can render your entries uneditable. If you are unable to edit your entries using the Edit Entries page (, you can try editing the entry directly, by going to the comments page for that entry and clicking the blue pencil in the toolbar above the entry. You will need to be logged in to see this icon. More information on editing entries can be found at

If you are still unable to edit your entries using the web client, you may wish to try downloading a client for your platform and using that. Clients are often unaffected by improper HTML, and you may be able to edit the entry in that fashion. See for information on downloading a client.

Actually considering dropping the summary here, looking at it again. Thoughts?
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