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[clients] Adding Section on Common Client Features to FAQ 158

FAQ 158 | There seem to be a few general trends in client features and user requests that could be fulfilled by clients. I realize that not all clients have these features, but it would still be nice to have a FAQ section when talking about them. A few additions to the Further Reading section would also be necessary if this change goes through.


A downloadable client offers the same functionality as the web client. However, most downloadable clients offer more than the basic posting functionality, sometimes extending even beyond the options listed on the web client.

Such features may include downloading entries, drafts of entries, friends list tracking, mass-deleting entries, mass-editing the security of entries, removal of misencoded characters, signatures, and substituting text or images in lj user tags.

Not every client will have these capabilities; you can usually read the client's journal for specific details about what it's capable of on its features.
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