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Customization FAQs

I'm going to be reorganizing, and rewriting as necessary, the customization FAQs over the next [some unit of time that is hopefully small]. There's organizational issues that have been annoying me, there's some weird duplications of information, there's some places where there isn't enough information.

So, here's the plan:


  • FAQ 7 - How do I customize the look of my journal or community? Organizational rewrite so that this is more of a portal FAQ than anything else; links to other FAQs/resources as appropriate

  • FAQ 145 - Why are some styles or customization options not available? Move and rewrite; I want this to be more an overview of what options are not available to free users, with a "first, make sure you're in the right place for your style system" at the beginning (rendering 174 unnecessary).

  • FAQ 168 - How do I switch my journal between S1 and S2? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 96 - How do I change what my comment links say? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 12 - How do I change the font used for my entire journal? Move, with S2 information added.

  • FAQ 13 - How do I change the number of journal entries per page? Move, with S2 information added

  • FAQ 192 - How do I add background music to my journal? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 175 - Insert nifty title here. Move and rewrite; I think more users want to know how to get their comment pages to look like their journal, rather than what the FAQ is focused on now, so I want to rewrite it to address the "comment pages like journal" thing as well as the option on the editinfo page (which people read as the first option even though it's more of a "other peoples' comment pages like my own").

  • FAQ 205 - How do I view shared journal etc. Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 68 - How do I embed my journal? Existing FAQ, unchanged

  • FAQ 14 - JavaScript is evil Existing FAQ, unchanged.


  • FAQ ??? - How do I customize my journal using S1? New FAQ, sort of the S1 mirror of 170, moving the information out of 7.

  • FAQ 124 - What are overrides? How do they work? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 97 - How do I add a background image in S1? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 141 - I tried to customize my journal using overrides etc. Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 140 - My overrides won't work. What's wrong? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 128 - How do I make a custom S1 style? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 138 - Where do I go to learn more about S1 customization? Existing FAQ, unchanged.


  • FAQ 170 - How do I customize my journal using S2? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 171 - Which options are supported by each public S2 layout? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 214 - How do I add a background image in S2? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 213 - How do I edi my journal's free text? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 169 - How do I put a Link List in my S2 style? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 176 - What are the different S2 layer types? Existing FAQ, unchanged (though possibly tweaked to add a "User layers should not be manually created" bit).

  • FAQ 177 - How do I create a custom S2 style? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

  • FAQ 172 - Where can I learn more about advanced S2 customization? Existing FAQ, unchanged.

The style-system-specific FAQs that are remaining style-system-specific are unchanged; I'm moving some of the FAQs out, but I'm not moving any *in*, I'm not changing the ones that are staying, and I'm not adding any new ones except for the S1 general-customization FAQ.

The main changes are moving some stuff to the general customization category and making it cover both style systems. As with the recent change to the comment link FAQ, there were several S1 FAQs that didn't have an S2 counterpart and didn't have "S1" in the title to make it clear. (The only FAQs I didn't do this with are the two background-image FAQs; I considered combining them into a single one, but there's already a lot of information, and the FAQs do have "in S1" and "in S2" in the title. The S2 additions to the other FAQs of that nature are basically "If the layout supports it, you can change it through the customization wizard", so not worth a whole FAQ just for that.)

Comments on this are welcome but not required. :) I mainly thought you all should know what's going on; but I definitely will post the major new stuff here, for comments, before adding it to the site.
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