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FAQ #183 Voice Posts & Numbers Coverage

Proposal: Probably not worth FAQ in own right but might be worth covering the 'Hi, why don't you/when will you have phone post #'s in my remote Himalayan village?' question. Existing phone post voice post FAQ is probably easiest place.

Suggested text (probably needs work/re-write - wording?/jargon?/FAQsimplification?):

Adding of more voice post numbers

The list of voice post numbers at is a complete list of the numbers available. The voice post numbers are provided through a third-party VoIP (Voice over IP) provider. LiveJournal has no direct control over the distribution of numbers or area coverage; more numbers / coverage of new geographical areas are added as the provider extends into new areas.

LiveJournal users that do not have a voice post number available for the area code in their own city/region/country, may wish to use a calling-card or international calling plan, to reduce any cost they incur when calling a voice post number.

Users may also wish to monitor the lj_nifty community [];
to keep abreast of any posts that users may make about different ways used to call voice post numbers.

Not sure about including a reference to lj_nifty userinfo/memories from an official FAQ, in this case. Stopped short of referencing any particular entries in the above text. :-/

Example support requests:Entries from way back when, which explain - technically - how phoneposts work:
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