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Smackdown gubbins

This smackdown covers about two months' worth of entries, although not all of them are mentioned here. In future, smackdown posts will link to all entries since the previous smackdown regardless of the decision made, and decisions will be made on any posts tagged with the absolutely vital status-pending tag. If your proposal doesn't have that tag, we can't guarantee we'll get to it later.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 62]
231 linked to from 62's Further Reading section.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 227]
Biggish change in comparison, this: 227 has been merged with 228, and 228 was hidden.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 38] [faq 114]
114 edited to mention what happens to no-longer-paid users using paid-only public S2 styles in addition to those using custom S2 styles, and 38 cleaned up in the process.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 204]
204 now mentions the extra step required when making a link using the Rich Text Editor.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 158]
158 now mentions a few of the features common amongst most downloadable clients.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 145]
145 now mentions the three newest paid-only public S2 styles: Bloggable, Dear Diary... and Quite Lickable.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 2] [faq 62]
Some clever FAQ interlinking added to 62, and minor edits made to 2.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 226]
226 now more accurately reflects what the Manage Tags page lets you do.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 86] [faq 125]
Few changes to the officially sponsored communities list. userpics is outta there until it finds a new purpose, and in its place feature lj_feedback and lj_spotlight. Few typos in 86 fixed too.

[lj_userdoc] [faq 131]
Major clean-up of 131 (seriously, it looks really purdy now), which now mentions the more favourable link list limit for paid accounts.
Tags: cat-about, cat-clients, cat-comments, cat-customize, cat-entries, cat-features, cat-levels, smackdown, status-resolved

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