Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

Revised Tag Policies

The tagging policies have been revised a bit, to make everything a whole lot easier on all of us -- youse guys and the docadmins alike. This supercedes the previous tagging policy entirely, and will be added to the memories as soon as I post it. :)

When you post an entry, you only need to add two tags:
  • "status-pending", which allows us to find all new proposals. Do not change this tag, even if the proposal is rejected, deferred, or done immediately; the docadmins will update the status when we do a smackdown.
  • "cat-category", replacing "category" with the shortcode of the category you're suggesting changes for (ie, "about", "ext_sites", "comm-manage", etc). This'll allow the Support admins to more easily identify the proposals that relate to their categories.

When the docadmins do a smackdown, we will:
  • Change "status-pending" to "status-rejected", "status-deferred", or "status-resolved", according to what the final decision on the proposal is.
  • Add a tag labelled "exec-username" with the username of the docadmin who made the final decision. Any changes or decisions made by Support administrators will be tagged "exec-catadmin".

Smackdown posts are any post which includes a list of changes based on previous proposals, or any post that reflect a change made without prior discussion. Our smackdown posts will:
  • Include the "smackdown" tag.
  • Include all proposals since the previous smackdown, including those which were rejected or deferred (unless the smackdown is only announcing a single change).
  • Include tags for each of the FAQs affected
  • Include a "faq added" or "faq hidden" tag, as appropriate.
  • Include a "faqcat changed" tag if we've merged, split, added, or deleted a FAQ category

And finally, anything relating to the administration of lj_userdoc, including policy changes or docadmin changes, will be tagged with "administrative".
Tags: administrative

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