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New ScrapBook FAQ draft

I'm not particularly happy with this; it seems far too long. It's also coming out like a cross between a user manual and a FAQ, but there really isn't documentation for any of this stuff. As always, suggestions/comments/corrections welcome.


What is ScrapBook? How do I use it?

ScrapBook is LiveJournal's image hosting service, available to Paid and Permanent account holders.

To initialize your ScrapBook account, go to http://pics.livejournal.com/. This page also has navigation menus for various tasks, including uploading new pictures, managing existing galleries and pictures, and more.

Images can have similar security levels to those allowed for entries. Your ScrapBook account will automatically inherit your Friends list and any custom friends groups that you have created; it is also possible to create custom friends groups for ScrapBook that do not exist on LiveJournal, and to add users to your ScrapBook friends groups that are not on your friends list.


To upload images to your ScrapBook account, you can use the web upload page to add up to 10 images at a time, or use one of the available clients.

To manage your galleries, or create a new gallery, go to the Manage Your Galleries page. On this page, the gallery name links to the image gallery itself; the [Edit] link allows you to edit the gallery or the images inside the gallery.

Within the [Edit] area for a gallery, the [Properties] page allows you to change the gallery name and description, change the security level, change the parent and child galleries, and change the preview pic to use for that gallery. The [Pictures] page allows you to change the order in which the images appear, delete or move one or more images, or post one or more images to your LiveJournal. The [Text & Security] page allows you to change the position, security, title, and description for each of the images, as well as adding them to a new gallery. The [View...] page will show you that gallery.

To manage a single picture, go to the [Edit] area for the gallery that picture is in, going to the [Text & Security] page, and clicking on the thumbnail image of the picture you want to edit. This page can also be reached by the [Pictures] page of the [Edit] area, and clicking on the [pic] link beneath the picture you want to edit. Managing a single picture will allow you change the title, description, or security level of that image; post the image to your journal, or upload the image as a userpic; rotate, flip, or resize the image; or alter the area of the thumbnail focus.

You can post ScrapBook pictures to your LiveJournal by going to the [Edit] area for the gallery those pictures are in, going to the [Pictures] page, selecting the checkboxes for the pictures you would like to post, and click on the button labeled Post Selected Photos to Journal. Alternatively, you can post a single picture to your journal by going to the single-picture management page as described above.

It is also possible to post ScrapBook pictures manually, using the standard HTML tag. To do this, you will need to find the URL of the image as stored in ScrapBook; the URL of the gallery will not work.

You can view your ScrapBook gallery at http://pics.livejournal.com/exampleusername/, replacing 'exampleusername' with your own username. If you have uploaded any images with public security, there will also be a link on your userinfo page.

To change the style used for your ScrapBook account, go to http://pics.livejournal.com/manage/styles/. On this page you can create a new style, or edit an existing style to change the layout that it uses.


ScrapBook is only available to individual accounts with Paid or Permanent status. Community accounts do not have ScrapBook access, and other account types must upgrade to a paid account in order to use ScrapBook.

Files uploaded to ScrapBook can only be image files, and they can only be of file types jpg, gif, png, and tif. It is not possible to upload more than 30 MB at a single time, and not possible to upload more than 10 files at a single time.

Accounts have 100MB of disk storage space by default. This space is shared between userpics, voice post files, and ScrapBook images. It is not possible to upload images to ScrapBook if you have reached the limit, unless you delete some existing files. However, it is possible to purchase add-on disk storage space, which will increase the number of files you are able to upload.


How do I buy a Paid account?

What happens to my ScrapBook when my paid account expires?

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