Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan


Everything since the last smackdown, yay!

[link] FAQ244 updated to indicate that the COPPA auth charge is US$ 1.00

[link] editinfo.bml had some wording tweaks, and a handful of FAQs (mostly commenting-related) were adjusted to reflect the new nomenclature for the options on that page.

[link] FAQ245 (How do I invite a friend to join LiveJournal?) added, and FAQ61 and FAQ232 were updated to link back to this FAQ

[link] FAQ16 updated to indicate that permanent accounts aren't exempt from purging when that time comes around.

[link] FAQ187 tweaked to hopefully clarify that the use of lj-raw is separate from the don't auto-format option.

[link] FAQ62 updated that comment threads can only be up to 150 comments "deep".

[link] FAQ246, "What is ScrapBook? How do I use it?" has been added.

[link] FAQ134 updated to account for the wide variety of ways in which screened comments can be displayed.

[link] FAQ247 (What are some common customizations in S1?) and FAQ248 (What are some common customizations in S2?) added, including information on reversing entry order.

Tags: cat-accounts, cat-comments, cat-cust-adv, cat-mobile, cat-s1, cat-scrapbook, smackdown

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