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How to add a school to your userinfo

As I mentioned in this entry in learn_support, I don't believe that FAQ 249 tells you how to add schools to your userinfo: it only tells that it is possible and that if you manage to figure it out, this is what will happen. (This was prompted by this request which regreened after a simple FAQ pointer; to be honest, I'd have regreened as well if it had been me, because the FAQ doesn't say how to add.)

There is a section 'Add a school' but that refers to adding an 'unknown' school to the directory, not adding an existing school to your userinfo.

I suggest changing the third paragraph to something like this:

Visit the Schools Directory to find and add your school. find your school. Once you've found it, click on the 'Add' button just beneath the name and location of the school to add it to your userinfo. To add the school to a community you maintain, choose the community from the drop-down box before clicking 'Add'. You can add as many schools as you'd like to your journal or community. You can add schools that you currently attend or schools that you used to attend.

To reduce confusion even further, I'd also change 'Add a school' to 'Submit a new school', though for consistency, that would require renaming the 'Don't see what you're looking for? Add a school' link to 'Submit a new school' (and possible the link with &add=1 to &submit=1), so I'm not sure whether that's workable. But having 'add' mean two different things in the FAQ is... not so good, in my opinion.

What do you think?

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