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FAQ156 (comment times) re-write?

FAQ156 (Why are my comments showing an incorrect time) reads a lot rougher, now, and it actually made me have to re-read it; I think some (or even a good portion of) users may be a bit confused by the wording.

Suggestions for improving:
-Define "Site Scheme Page," somewhere in the FAQs, and link appropriately
-Drop "GMT" altogether, as UTC is supposedly considered standard, now-a-days... Calling it two things tends to lead to confusion. If not dropping GMT, then re-wording the GMT/UTC (possibally just defining the acronyms via parenthetical reference). (It is my understanding that some pages on LJ use "GMT" and some use "UTC." Standardizing these pages in the future would be a good thing, confusion-wise.)
-Linking to a page listing the differing time-zones and the +/-UTC, although this may make it even more confusing as you have to take into account Daylight Savings Time.
-Clean up grammaticals and some wording.

Perhaps none of the above, and maybe it's just me thinking that the FAQ reads roughly. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents.

The time stamps on LiveJournal comment pages display in a time zone that varies based on your personal settings and the style of the comment page.

LiveJournal currently has limited time zone support. If a comment is viewed on a site scheme comment page, or certain customized comment pages, the time displayed on the comment will be in your local time zone. These time stamps will generally have text indicating that they are displayed in your local time zone, such as "(local)". If you have not yet set your local time zone, these times will display in UTC (Universal Co-ordinated Time), which is also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). If a comment appearing on an customized comment page does not indicate that it is in "local," "UTC," or "GMT" time, then the time stamp most likely refers to UTC, rather than your local time.

You can set your local time zone at the Edit Personal Information page, under the option labelled "Timezone."

The times on LiveJournal comments are automatically assigned when the comment is posted. There is no way to set or edit the time on a comment. However, the time on any given comment may vary. Individual users will see the comment time stamp in their local time, if they have set a time zone in their settings.

First, the words "timestamp," and "timezone" were split into two, seperate, words. "Timestamp," and "timezone," are not actually words, in and of themselves.

Second: avoided "time stamp," whenever possible, as it's not a term the regular joe uses very often. I used it only when it made the most sense to do so.

Third: changed "customized comment pages" to read "S2 (or customized) comment pages" where appropriate, as S2 is currently the only system in which comment pages can be customized. The reason behind "customized comment pages," as opposed to specifying a style system, is explained in comments, below.

Fourth: switched GMT/UTC to UTC/GMT order, as UTC is the prefered standard, worldwide. GMT is left only for the sake of compatibility. Added parenthetical references to each, explaining the acronym.

Fifth: removed "In this situation, you will need to take into account the time difference between you and the comment in order to work out the local time at which the comment was posted." That should be obvious to pretty much anyone, and without linking a time zone charge, complete with +/-UTC differences, it could create more confusion.

Sixth: Cleaned up for grammatical rules in quotes, etc. Cleaned up some spacing. Put the sentence linking to the edit personal information page as a seperate paragraph, to ensure it's easier seen.
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