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Cust FAQ project - FAQ 7

TITLE - How do I customize the look of my journal or community?

All customization can be done through the Modify Journal page or the Customize Journal interface, depending on the style system you are using.


Style System 1 (S1) is controlled primarily through the Modify Journal page. On this page, you can select your journal style from a list of LiveJournal system styles. You can also select colors for your journal, either by choosing a pre-set theme or by entering a custom set of colors. Finally, this page is also where you can input overrides.

Information on customizing your journal can be found at [FAQ ???]

Paid, Permanent, and Early Adopter accounts can also change the entire layout of the page and customize all the HTML by making their own S1 styles. If you make a new style, you must select its name from the dropdown list at http://www.livejournal.com/modify.bml to use it on your journal.

If the only option you see on the Modify Journal page is the ability to select mood icons, you have set your journal to use S2.


Style System 2 (S2) is controlled through the Customize Journal page. On this page, you can select the layout to use, and select a language and theme layer. You can also customize individual settings for the layout's options. S2 does not use overrides.

Information on customizing your journal can be found at [FAQ 170]

Paid and Permanent accounts can also create custom layers, either Theme layers for making customizations of existing layouts, or Layout layers for entirely custom styles.


All the options described above for customizing your journal also apply to customizing your community. In each case, once you are in the appropriate area, you should select your community from the "Work as user" box and click "Switch" before making changes. You must be the maintainer of the community to do this. Where a Paid Account is required, the community account itself must be paid.


What is the difference between S1 and S2?
How do I switch?
S1 FAQcat
where do I go to learn more?
S2 FAQcat
where do I go to learn more?
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