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It's that time again! As always, let me know in comments if I scewed up something relatively minor in the smackdown, or post a new entry if you want to suggest a bigger change (or if you want to suggest something unrelated to these FAQs).

This includes everything up through yesterday (10/12), plus my quick FAQ title change that I posted today.

[link] FAQ 25 updated to clarify that you can rename to an old username if it was marked as deleted and was then purged.

[link] FAQ 86 updated to fix the to-do list limits for paid accounts (it's 150, not unlimited). Also added a Further Reading section.

[link] [link] [link] FAQ 249, "What is the Schools Directory? How do I add a school?", added, then updated to state that you can hide your school info on your userinfo page, then updated to clarify exactly how you add a school to your userinfo.

[link] FAQ 79 updated to clarify that the various posting settings only affect posting entries, not comments.

[link] FAQ 104 updated to include a link to FAQ 207 (How do I ...).

[link] FAQ 183 updated to reflect new voice post menus.

[link] Typo in FAQ 175 fixed.

[link] FAQ 183 updated to link to /voicepost/ instead of /phonepost/, and FAQ 184 updated to link to /voicepost/ogg.bml instead of /phonepost/ogg.bml.

[link] FAQ 16 and FAQ 235 updated to explain what happens when you delete a journal that's signed up for automatic payments.

[link] [link] [link] FAQ 156 completely rewritten to explain LiveJournal's new time zone support.

[link] FAQ 1 updated to state that the userpic upload form will not display if you're at or above your userpic limit.

[link] A whole bunch of customization FAQs were updated/rewritten (7, 175, 13, 12, 145, 176, 124), moved (175, 13, 12, 145), added (251, 250), and/or hidden (174). Thanks, isabeau! :)
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