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Scrapbook FAQ revisions: splitting 246

Since not many people were jumping at the opportunity to write these, I'm going to churn out some rotten first drafts (as the Anne Lamott readers in the house know that's the only way to get something written). ;-) Feel free to pick these apart and make them prettier.

None of these have the Further Reading section completed. I figure that's something that can be easily added later when we have the numbers of the soon-to-be-created FAQs.


What is ScrapBook?

ScrapBook is LiveJournal's photo hosting service, available to Paid and Permanent account holders.

To initialize your ScrapBook account, go to This page also has navigation menus for various tasks, including uploading new pictures, managing existing galleries and pictures, and more.

Images can have similar security levels to those allowed for entries. Your ScrapBook account will automatically inherit your Friends list and any custom friends groups that you have created; it is also possible to create custom friends groups for ScrapBook that do not exist on LiveJournal, and to add users to your ScrapBook friends groups that are not on your friends list.

You can view your ScrapBook gallery at, replacing 'exampleusername' with your own username. If you have uploaded any images with public security, there will also be a link on your userinfo page.


ScrapBook is only available to personal accounts with Paid or Permanent status. Community accounts do not have ScrapBook access, and other account types must upgrade to a paid account in order to use ScrapBook.

Files uploaded to ScrapBook can only be image files, and they can only be of file types jpg, gif, png, and tif. It is not possible to upload more than 30 MB at a single time, and not possible to upload more than 10 files at a single time.

Accounts have 100MB of disk storage space by default. This space is shared between userpics, voice post files, and ScrapBook images. It is not possible to upload images to ScrapBook if you have reached the limit, unless you delete some existing files. However, it is possible to purchase add-on disk storage space, which will increase the number of files you are able to upload.



How do I upload a picture to ScrapBook and post it to my journal?

To upload images to your ScrapBook account, you can use the web upload page to add up to 10 images at a time, or use one of the available clients.

ScrapBook provides an automatic way to post pictures to your journal. When viewing a picture in your gallery, click on "manage picture" to access your options for that picture. You can then click on "Post to Journal". On the "Post Photos to Journal" page, you can set the number of columns, the size of the pictures, the orientation of the caption, and whether or not you want a border to be drawn. If you have stored a title or description for that picture, it will appear automatically, but if not you will have the opportunity to add a title or description at that time. When your options are set the way you want them to be, click on "Continue (change entry options)". The code will then be added to a blank Update Journal form, where you may compose the rest of your entry and change the options on that entry as normal.

You can post multiple ScrapBook pictures to your LiveJournal if all your pictures are in the same gallery. When viewing a gallery, click on "manage gallery". Then click on "Pictures". On this page, you can select the pictures you wish to post by clicking the pictures' checkboxes. Then, click on the button labeled "Post Selected Photos to Journal".

Finally, you may also post ScrapBook pictures by creating the HTML on your own. This is the only way to use ScrapBook pictures in comments, user bios, and mood themes. To do this, you will need to find the URL of the image as stored in ScrapBook. The URL of the gallery will not work.


How do I add images to my journal entries, user bio or comments?

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